Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember Me

In a meeting I attended yesterday, a speaker encouraged the audience to determine how we would like to be remembered.  It motivated me to ponder the people (mainly professionally) who have influenced me and why.

This exercise led me to wonder how I am remembered in places I have left.

S&S:  Young, inexperienced, young.  Capable but YOUNG.  A bit flaky.  Young.
PM:  The office has never looked better.  What was her name again?
SLAH:  Teacher's pet.  Dependable.
USPO:  Who?
LLPS:  Loved our children.  Happy.  Talented.
2LL:  Capable.  Dependable. Knew everything.  Laughed a lot.  Bossy.
8:  Unhappy. 
11:  _________(?)

After this I thought about people I may have influenced, for better and for worse.  You know how you talk about your life's experiences and the people who were there?  Am I the one who people say, "Oh, what was her name again?  You know, the girl who:

  • (cried about everything)
  • (had a [pretty] [awful] voice)
  • (taught a [fabulous] [ridiculous] lesson)
  • (loved the children so much)
  • (thought she knew everything)
  • (always told everyone how to do everything)
  • (was always [dependable] [undependable])
  • (was so loud)
  • ([could never be] [was easy to] please(d))"
How will you remember me? 

Will you remember me?

Please remember me.


Amy said...

"I YOU!!!!!" (cue music) partly because you a dear friend who never lets anyone cry alone and always has M&M's.

Kim and Preston said...

I would say I know you as caring, always follows the spirit, and is a very good teacher. Aundrea you have taught me so much. I really really will never forget and am so grateful for your friendship and example.

Marianne said...

I will always remember our years in the primary presidencey together, and how you had such a deep love for the children. You are an example of faith and strength and determination.