Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Funny Conversation

Have I told you that I love my boss?  I know I told you that with my former boss.  It's true again, and it feels really good to love my job and the person I work with the most.  Here is a funny conversation that happened yesterday.

Dean wanted to meet with David and David, but his meeting with David and David went too long, and David had to go so he could catch his bus home.  (Anybody confused yet?  Sheesh, people!  Choose a name other than David, for goodness' sake!) 

Dean: What is David's problem?  He knows I would take him home!
Me: Waaahhh!  Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.
Dean:  People and having to catch their buses!  I think it's just an excuse.
Me:  I'd love to cry about this with you, but I have a bus to catch.
Dean:  Before you go, send a quick appointment for 7:30 tomorrow to David and David.
Me:  OK.  But if I miss my bus, you have to take me home.
Dean:  I'll take you home.

Me:  I missed it.  I'm waiting for you on North Temple.
Dean:  You did not.  I'm on North Temple and you are not there.
Me:  No you're not, because if you were you would see me.  But don't worry, I contacted an escort service.  They're sending someone to get me in 10.
Dean:  I'm probably going to be here till 8.  It might be worth staying till 10 just to see who they send.
Me:  Not AT 10, silly.  IN 10.  I hope he's rich and hot.
Dean:  Hot meaning he just got out of jail?  Rich because he stole a lot of money?
Me:  Hope not.  He's here!  Not rich, but hothothot.  I think I'm going to invite him home with me.  See you tomorrow.

Dean came into work this morning laughing.  That's a pretty good way to start a day, don't you think?


Kim and Preston said...

I love this! Haha...miss those kind of conversations with my boss. Enjoy it while you got it. Thanks for sharing :)