Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucky, Lucky Me!

My friend and her friend spent about an hour with us last week.  Both of them said, "Being with your family was so fun.  I wish I had that."  I wish they did, too.  And I'm grateful we have it.

Our older son agreed to sing in church with me today.  His voice is fabulous, and it was a blessing to sing with him.

Spencer said, "That was one of the best musical numbers I've ever heard in church."  Landon said, "Not one of.  The best."

Hobo dinners tonight!

Huge thanks to Joanne, our pianist extraordinaire; Suzi, a friend of 25 years, for bringing over a sweater for Ash; Jeri Lynn, who lent me her sewing machine AND came over later in the day to make sure I was still sane; and Kayla, who brought over her bolero jacket, just in case.

Also, huge thanks to all of you (special thanks, Daddy!) who responded to my last post.  I'm still welcoming comments.  I'm still trying to be teachable.  I'm also feeling better.

I am incredibly blessed.