Thursday, September 15, 2011

You'd Think SOMEHOW I Could Be Prepared

But no.  It just never happens.

Today, for example, dear boss asked (again), "Will these books be ready for the meeting on Monday morning?"  All I could do was shrug and say, "Hope so," because I have procrastinated.  Again.  So I spent the morning scrambling to the desks of half a dozen people, asking them as sweetly as I could (with handfuls of apologies on top) for those reports that take all day to be on my desk by noon tomorrow.

I'd hate me, wouldn't you?

So--because I work with fabulously wonderful, professional people--the reports start piling on my desk.  I could start putting them all together, except I have failed to go to office supply and pick up 10 binders.  And now I am the lucky woman who gets to cover the phones for the remainder of the afternoon.  The sad thing is that I might actually be able to get something done if only I had some binders to get started with.

Pulling it together:  It just won't ever happen.

I should stitch that on a pillow...