Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Am a Pinterest Addict

On vacation, this is how my mornings look:

Wake up.  Whenever (glorious!).  Let Marshall outside, then love on him a little bit when he comes back in.  Grab a bowl of dry cereal, get back in bed, and turn on the computer.

Check my work email for anything interesting.  (Hooray for Nanci!  Hang in there, Amber.  Hi, Dad!  Thanks, Aunt Cathi!)

Go to my blog and check in on my friends and the people I stalk.

Check Facebook.

Pinterest.  Pinterest for a while.  Then a while more.  Dream of all the marvelous things I can do to my house.  Consider starting next year's ornaments.  Think I should maybe get up out of bed and MOVE.  Nah.  Pin.  Pin some more.

Yesterday I thought, "I should actually do something I pinned." Spencer said, "What's a vacation if you don't do something fun with your sister?"  So Briana and I went to the craft store and came home with paper, card stock, buttons, and ric-rac.  Also glue and adhesive.  We set up the banquet table in Mom and Daddy's family room, and we made cards.  My sister didn't make a card, but she visited with us, so that counts.  Nio made a card.  Seeley made several cards.  Seeley's friend made a card.  Seeley's friend's mom made a card.  Ashtyn made some, Breezy made some, and I made some.

Now I can go on Pinterest and move a couple of my pins to the "I Did That" board.  I'm cool like that.


Jacqueline said...

well. Uh. I wanna see!! Pretty please :)

amb said...

Love it!