Monday, December 12, 2011

You're My Favorite

A week ago, Landon informed us that he had it figured out.  I was really looking forward to hearing "it," because I've never figured "it" out.  Here it is!

Parents have favorite children, just like he has favorite friends.  And now it all makes sense.

As much as we tried to talk him out of this, Landon was not buying it.  We explained that our favorite is usually just who we're with at the time.  Sometimes one child is easier to like than another because of the good decisions he or she is making.  But each one is unique, and it would be impossible to have a favorite.

Nevertheless, Landon is convinced (as are his siblings) that we have a favorite child.  Namely, Briana. 

Briana wasn't home when we had this conversation, but when she heard about it she said, "Huh!  I thought Ashtyn was the favorite."  Then, "Sweet!  I'm the favorite."

At first this dismayed me, and I was ready to quit my job and be home every moment, making cards and scrapbooks and doing chores to convince each of the children that he or she is my favorite.

But then I started laughing, and I haven't stopped.  In case you haven't noticed, there are many, many ways to differentiate about your favorites.  Landon is our favorite BS-er.  Ashtyn is our favorite high-schooler.  Briana is our favorite lifeguard.  Taylor is my favorite male singer.  The list has become so long that now Landon just rolls his eyes when we tell him he's our favorite.

But maybe someday he'll just believe that he is our favorite.

(P.S.  You're my favorite blog-reader!)


Jacqueline said...

And I will forever be your favorite niece. OOOOH, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Suzie said...

haha, we are all convinced Lorianne is the favorite! :)

The Vuki Family said...

It just so happens that I'm your MOST favorite little sister. Sweet!
Love you my favorite OLDer sister.:)<3