Wednesday, December 21, 2011

T-Minus Two Days and Counting

The closer it gets, the more excited I become.  Hooray!  We get to go to California for Christmas!

The Plan? you ask. 

Tonight Spencer and I will drive to Mom and Dad Hill's to pick up Dad's Jeep.  When we get home, I will start scurrying through chores.  The laundry needs to be all done before we go.  So do the bathrooms.  We will deliver the last of our Christmas gifts and anything else that comes up.

Spencer is taking tomorrow off work to do all of his "dad" stuff like checking the oil and getting out the chains and spraying Rain-Off on the windshields.  In the meantime the rest of us will pack clothes, gifts, movies, laptops (ya know, all the important stuff), and finally, the cars.  Early Friday morning we will load ourselves into the cars and hit the road.  Barring any trouble (at which event we will stop in some lovely town in Nevada), we will arrive in Sacramento on Friday night.  We will call a cheerful hello to everyone who might hear us, including the people, the trees, and the rivers.  Then we will go plop in my parents' noisy, full home and enjoy every minute of it.  Daddy will play Perry Como (yuck!) and Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole and whoever else he can find.  I hope we get out the record player, because I really want Jimmy Dean's "Jingle Bells" from childhood.

On Saturday we will work on the Christmas project we are bringing along, and on Sunday we will be involved in a couple of service projects that I can hardly wait to do.

After that, the plans are not made, but I'm sure we'll find SOME way to occupy our time.  :)

Just. Can't. Wait.


Noelle said...

I got chills reading this. Be safe and have a wonderful time!