Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There Are Some Things that Succeed in Making Christmas Better

1.  Christmas on Sunday.  It's beautiful, I'm tellin' ya.  I love it.  The Lord's Day on the Lord's Day.  I love it, and I can hardly wait for Christmas Day!

2.  Enough money to do something small for everyone.  It's just no fun if you can't give.

3.  Planning for #2.  I bought the items to make our neighbor gifts back in July.  Good call, Me!

4.  Making gifts.  I don't make all of our gifts, but it is really fun to plan and work on something (especially if it's not rushed).  I spend a lot of time thinking about the person whose gift I'm making, and it's glorious, really.

5.  Christmas music.  I'm a humbug on the Christmas music if it's before Thanksgiving, but the next day, bring it on!

6.  LIVE Christmas music.  There's no shortage.  Since I'm a sucker for any and all music, I enjoy everything from MoTab to elementary school performances.  We've already been to one of Ash's concerts.  We'll be at Taylor's (Sterling Singers) concert tonight.  In 10 days we're seeing the West Jordan High School concert choir with the Salt Lake Symphony, and a few days later we'll see all of the WJHS choirs.  As an added plus, Tay and his friends keep coming over to sing (Hi, Chris, Colton, and Logan!), and last night we got three planned, prepared songs.  Bliss!  Various high school choirs come to the COB to sing each afternoon.  There are many talented kids, did you know?  Someday our children will be grown and they will not be involved with a million performances.  Don't worry, Voice Male/MoTab/Forgotten Carols/others, we'll come see you then.

7.  Service opportunities. (Have I mentioned how excited I am for Christmas Day?)

8.  Children.  Children laughing.  Children singing.  Children dancing.  Children playing.  Children in cute Christmas Eve footie pajamas.  Kids, you tickle me.

9.  Grown-up men who are willing to go into an un-comfort zone to be Santa's helper.  Santa, did you see those kids' eyes?  :)

Merry Christmas, my friends!


Suzie said...

I think I know that Santa...and I'm pretty sure he is a great man!