Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Life and Lies of a Bathroom Scale

Like many of you, I started on January 2 trying to take better care of my body.  I haven't done a lot of working out, but I am committed to being nutritionally nicer to this temple of  mine.  I am not a weigh-in kinda girl (usually), but my doctor is hoping that the scale shows some changes, so I thought I'd get a baseline.  I did that on Tuesday, January 2 (which I already said, but I wanted to reiterate).

On Monday, January 9, I got on the scale again.  This was after nearly a week of being hungry, having a screaming headache (Hello, chocolate addiction.  Thanks for coming.), and spending a lot of time in the bathroom (8-10 cups of water a day?!).  Don't judge me.  There's a point here.

On Monday, January 9, I got on the scale again (which I already said, but I wanted to reiterate.  Again.).  And that dang thing said I'd lost less than 1 pound.  One freaking pound!  How discouraging!  I mean, it's not like I only have 5 pounds to lose, you know?  I was ready to just throw in the towel, and keep eating all the things I love and just keeping gaining weight one freaking pound at a time.

And then I thought, "But I lost the equivalent of a pound of butter off my body.  That's quite a bit of fat."  And I also talked to my support group (Hi, Amber!).  I admit it, I ate a few M&M's (because I'm doing BETTER, not being PERFECT).  (P.S.  Did you know that milk chocolate M's are 10 calories each?)  And then I drank some water, popped a carrot into my mouth, and moved on to...

Tuesday, when I got on the scale again, on a whim, because I'm not a weigh-in kinda girl (usually).  Only guess what?  It showed that I had lost nearly 5 pounds from the baseline weight.  I thought that couldn't possibly be right, so I tried again, and it said the same thing.

Basically I think the scale is on drugs, and I'm all kinds of tempted to get back on it every morning, just to play with its mind, ya know?  Only remember how I'm not a weigh-in kinda girl (usually)?  So I'm anxiously holding off till Monday the 16th to see what our high scale has to tell me.  I gotta be honest here:  I hope the 5-pound loss number shows up again.  But if it does, how do I know if it's telling me the truth?  Was the baseline number a lie, too? (I'm afraid not, but a girl's gotta ask...)


val said...

It's true - a pound of butter is a much more real way of thinking about a pound. Keep on keeping on.

Tahnee said...

I had about this same experience this last week, and it has kept coming down, so don't give up hope my friend. I've been going to the gym and eating really good since just before Christmas, and I was seeing NOTHING. BUT.. in the past week I have lost 7 lbs... so there's hope. Just keep at it... and yes, the scale lies, but I think it's more like our body fluctuates within 5 lbs all the time, so... I have to weigh myself everyday. I'd rather know, then wait for the suprise, or disappointment, but that's just me. I certainly am not the person to take advice from in this department, and i know that... but that is my 2 cents. LOVE YOU!!!!

Kim and Preston said...

Way to go Aundrea...we can help each other on this :) One of the other things we can solve at our weekly meetings. I find that if you weigh yourself at the same time each day that it is helpful as well. Keep up the good work!

amb said...

Yay! That is great. It's the scales...I'm convinced.

Amy said...

1. scales are all on crack. and are rarely accurate.
2. 1 pound/week is great! (Unless you're on the biggest loser in which case, pack your bags.)
3. Calm down and enjoy those M&Ms for me eh? Turns out chocolate doesn't go well with breastfeeing! I did NOT know that.