Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Beautiful Week

While Ash had her Sweethearts Day, I spent a lot of time with Briana.  We did some last-minute shopping and lots of visiting and laughing.  I'm so glad to have had Saturday to mostly veg with our lovely daughter.

Sunday was another nice day.  You already saw the Pinterest activities I worked on.  Church was a lot of fun since they needed to combine our class from last year with this year's class.  Can you say, "LOVE"?  Briana got lots of hugs and well wishes, and I think she was mostly ready to be done with all the good-byes.

Monday was a good day at work, and at 8:30 that night there was a large gathering at our house.  Uncle Brant and Aunt Laurie and family, Uncle Derek and Aunt Becky, Stacy, Bestest Friend Brittany and Mike, Lisa, and our family all gathered tightly into our family room.  We were joined by the stake presidency, who came to set Briana apart as a missionary.  We opened with prayer.  President Hansen explained a little bit about what would happen at the MTC.  He invited whoever would like to to share their testimonies with Briana.  It was a sweet experience to listen to the testimonies of these people who love our daughter so much.  The stake presidency, Breezy's daddy, and her brother then stood in a circle to set her apart as a missionary.  She bore her testimony, and the "party" broke up.

But we gathered our little family together and discussed the things we had heard as she was blessed.  She wrote a lot of our thoughts (and hers) and impressions down in her missionary journal.  After a while we were simply sharing thoughts and feelings and experiences together.  Finally we were all laughing together.  It was the best FHE EVER, and no one wanted to leave the living room.  Spencer and I finally broke up the party at 11:30, and everyone was in bed shortly afterward.

Since she needed a companion, Briana came to work with me yesterday (Tuesday).  I'm sure it was all kinds of fun for her.  She went to staff meeting with me.  She joined me for a fix-the-world lunch with Annette and Kim.  We left work early and ended up running a few errands.  Ashie and I helped Briana pack.  We all went to dinner together.

Since Monday, it's been pretty quiet at our house.  No one is sure what to say or what to do.  We know Bri is leaving, and it's kind of a bummer.  I'm not sad about her choice to serve a mission.  I could not be more happy about who she is, what she's choosing, and where she will be.  But it hurts my heart a bit that my little girl is grown up enough to leave, and I will not be a part of every single thing she does.

Taylor's boss gave him the day off work, and the other two kids stayed home from school.  We all went to the Jordan River Temple this morning and participated in baptisms for the dead.  It was lovely, and it is a blessing to be in the temple.  But it was pretty subdued.  We came home and Briana got showered and dressed and ready for her first day in the MTC.  We had some lunch, then we drove to the Provo Temple.  We all got out of the car and gave hugs.  Then the boys left, and Spencer, Ashtyn, and I took Bri to the MTC.  The volunteers there--including the young elders--were wonderful and helpful and patient and caring.  Ashtyn is a sad girl, and she did a little bit of clinging, and that was the undoing of me.  Anyway, we kept our good-byes short and sweet.  Then two elders took Bri's luggage and she followed them down the sidewalk.  There are pictures on our camera.  I'm going to begin a blog for Breezy's mission, so I'll post pictures there (probably this weekend).

Bri didn't cry, but she looked afraid.  My eyes have been leaking off and on all day. 

We stopped at Grandpa and Grandma A's house since we were there.  Grandma was gone, so we visited for a short time with Grandpa.  I don't think we were great company.

After we came home, both Spencer and I took a nap.  I figured a good snooze would help me be more able to cope.  When I awoke, I wished I was still asleep.  You know that kinda depressed feeling?  I hate that feeling.  So Spencer and Landon went to a guys' movie while Sassy and I went to a chick flick.  We talked about what she wants to do with Briana's stuff and the bedroom.  She's in no hurry; we will take our cue from her.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers and words.  Thank you for the emails and notes and phone calls.  I am looking forward to hearing from Breeze the first time and even more the second time.  I'm anxious for things to go back to normal at home, and I pray that things will feel normal for our daughter very soon.  Please keep us all in your prayers.  We can use them.


Amy said...

*sniff sniff* nobody cries alone - so why aren't you in my living room right now? LOVE AND PRAYERS for all of you.

Suzie said...

why am I sobbing?! I am so proud of your daughter. What an exceptional young woman she has grown up to be. I love you Aundrea and have thought about you and your family all day. Prayers and lots of love sending your way!

Coles Fam said...

Oh my gosh, I'm bawling! We will definitely be thinking about and praying for you guys. We love you so much

Kim and Preston said...

It was so good to meet her and to talk with her. I am so excited for your family to have a missionary out and receive the blessings of having a missionary! How fun. I am excited to hear about her travels and to hear about how you are doing. I am here for you and am praying for you!