Friday, February 3, 2012

The Status of My Work

I am now working on a different floor than I did last week.  There will be more changes on this floor, but for now I'm neighbors with many of the men I worked with when I first started working for this corporation.  It feels a lot like coming home. 

One thing I've realized about being neighbors with these guys is that I haven't heard or participated in a complete conversation about scaffolds, rifles, hunting, blood, industrial accidents, or any number of other cool or obscure things in a really long time.

My friend IM'd me this morning to tell me about an opening in her department and her building.  I could probably talk my way into the job if I really wanted to.  It's one pay grade higher than where I am currently.  They wear pants at their building.

But I'm happy where I am currently.  It's a nice feeling.


Amy said...

I just breathed a sigh of (totally jealous) relief for you. Please say hi to "my men" for me! (And is Karleen by you now too? E-mail me!)

amb said...

Oh, but the pants! Haha. ;)