Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Weekend

I left work on Friday really angry.  I hate it when I get that way, and I knew the best thing to do would be come home and CHILL.  The kids ran to Subway and grabbed us some dinner, then the girls and I sat and watched "Midnight in Paris."  Kinda cute, but not great.

Spencer has discovered Bountiful Baskets.  So while he went to work, I picked up our fruits, veggies, and bread for the week.  The fruits and most of the veggies get juiced or otherwise eaten.  But the onions!  Holy cow!  Does anybody really go through onions that fast?

And then I remembered that you can freeze onions.  So Ashtyn and I got to work, used a lot of Kleenex, and got the onions chopped and put into the freezer.  I cut up a bunch of veggies into sticks so I will actually eat them (cutting them up when you need them just. doesn't. happen.).  By the time all of that was done and the kitchen was cleaned up it was nearly 2:00.  Yikes!

Ashie got busy on her ceramics, Landon had a friend over, and everyone else was at work, so I finally pulled out my computer and my notebooks and got busy doing my Financial Analysis re-write.  Please pray that I got it right this time.  I can hardly bear the thought of having to continue doing this class.  It's so hard!

Anyway, I turned that paper in and finally got a shower for the day.  I know, right?  Ewww!

Spencer and I were going to go out, but we were both wiped out from the day.  So we picked up Mexican and ate it picnic-style on our bed while watching "The Emporer's New Groove."  Uh, I've been turned into a cow.  Can I go?  (This could be my excuse for everything.)

Ashtyn and Landon and Tristan (Lando's girl) went to the grocery store and bought snacks for our family Super Bowl party.  OK, here's the thing.  We don't watch football.  Ever.  We don't care about the game or the teams (who's playing?).  But for some reason it's become a tradition to spend Super Bowl Sunday lounging in front of the TV with all kinds of snacks all around us.  The truth is, we enjoy the commercials more than the game, but whatever.  It's an excuse to hang out and just enjoy each other.

In other news, Sassy's car died yesterday.  Dead, dead, dead.  So frustrating, so discouraging, and SO nothing we can do about it.  So I'm really glad I enjoyed driving Jessie every day this week, because now she will probably go to work with Spencer while Ash takes Hugo.  Clearly, I'm re-committing myself to Mr. Bus and Trax.  That's really how it should be anyway, as it's so much cheaper.  But ack!  I hate waiting in the cold!

Whining tirade over.  Now it's off to Primary.  Hooray!


Amy said...

Yes!! Freeeeeze the onions! :D I'm glad you found BB, it's a beautiful thing isn't it? And hoorah for the Super Bowl snacks. Because we all know that's all it's really about.

Kim and Preston said...

Wow! You have been busy. I love those date nights that you just relax and watch a good show...sorry work was frustrating. Hopefully I did not contribute to that.

Jessica and Tim said...

I froze onions once and they turned out mushy and sick. What's your secret? I love Bountiful Baskets and am totally bummed that they don't have anything like that out here. C'est l'avie since I don't really have money anyway.