Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Way Names Evolve

My SIL has--from her childhood--called her mother "Mother" and her grandmother "Mom."  Before they were married she would differentiate to my brother that she was talking about "Mom:  Mom-and-Papa Mom."  Now she doesn't do it, but when I hear her say "Mom" I always think, "Mom:  Mom-and-Papa Mom."

When I talk to my family about my friends at work, I usually insert "my friend" before I say their name.  I didn't realize I did this till the day I just called Amy "Amy" and our daughter said, "Amy who?"  I said, "Gees!  How many Amy's do I talk about?"  She said, "Just one, but you usually say 'My Friend Amy.'"  Amy has become a friend to everyone in the family, so now she's just Amy.  Or MyAmy.  Because she's mine--duh!

But My Friend Amber will probably always be My Friend Amber.  Our family has all met her; she took our awesome pictures, remember?  But her name is just My Friend Amber.

Bri had a friend who, when she left voicemail, would say, "Hi, this is me, Becky."  She is--to this day--MeBecky.

I had a child in preschool my very first year of teaching.  Her name was Kayla-Bless-Her-Heart.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions.


Amy said...

:D At our house you're "AundreaFromWorkAndSpencer". Every time. Because, you know, I hang out with SOOO many AUNdreas....

Coles Fam said...

I remember Kayla-Bless-Her-Heart! :)

amb said...

Glad I'm "My friend Amber" and not "Amber bless her heart!" Hearts. :)