Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Get to Choose the Title

1.  When the Prophet Said to Flood the Earth With the Book of Mormon, He Didn't Mean to Begin By Placing It in the Washer.

2.  Maybe I Am More Helpful When I Don't Try to Help

3.  Reading the Book of Mormon in Bed Involves Opening a Book, Not Reading the Fine Lines from the Lint on the Sheets.

4.  A Page a Day is Too Much!  (How About a Letter a Day Instead)

5.  Leaving a Book of Mormon on Your Doorstep -or- How You Can Tell When I Took the Laundry Outside

6.  New Definition:  Breaking Your Scripture Reading into Smaller Pieces

7.  Dear Dryer Repair Man -- I Don't Know HOW All That Paper Ended Up in the Lint Screen!

8.  You Did Say You Were Looking for a Clean Book to Read, Didn't You?

9.  Dear Brother and Sister-in-Law:  I'm Sorry About Your Load of Darks


Amy said...

Oh honey! That bites.

Jacqueline said...

I take it your B.O.M got washed?! How did this happen? :(