Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Missionary

Colton is Tay's friend and our adopted son.  We love him very much.  In November he received his mission call to NY NY North, and today he left for the MTC.  He invited us to his setting apart last night, and it was a sweet experience.

It was sweet to watch his older brothers and sisters try to wrangle and control their little children.  I was sweet to think that those children will learn to pray for "Uncle Colton in New York," the way our children prayed for "Uncle Gavin in Argentina."

It was sweet to watch Logan and Chris and Taylor rally around to celebrate with their friend/brother.  It was sweet to know of the loving, serving, and singing friendship they have formed.  It was sweet to think that the other three will soon be following Colton into the mission field, and they will continue to celebrate with and support one another.

It was sweet to receive a hug from Colton's mother and his sister, both of whom thanked me for loving Colton and for allowing them to Taylor.

It was sweet to watch Colton's mother fight the tears as--on their 43rd wedding anniversary--their son was set apart to serve a mission.

It was sweet to listen to the stake president give counsel and direction to Elder P.

It was sweet to feel the Spirit telling me that all will be well with this young man.

I am grateful that we were invited to participate with Colton.  I am grateful for his love and his friendship.  I am grateful for his service.