Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twenty Years Too Early

If life expectancy is around 80 (and rising!), then you could say I am at mid-life.  It's not fair!

1.  Women reach their physical peak at about age 25.  That was close to 20 years ago for me, and 20 years before mid-life is way. too. soon to reach a physical peak.  Imagine!  If I were just now starting my physical decline, I would be much thinner, much less gray, wearing contact lenses instead of bifocal specs, and my joints wouldn't hurt at the end of the day.

2.  You have teens while you're in your late 30's to your 50's.  Teens stay up LATE.  Sometimes it's because they're out and maybe they fall asleep at a friend's house (or worse).  Sometimes they might have missed a full week of school with just one week left in the quarter and they have one more night to get it all done.  And their parents might not be sleeping because they are maybe worried about them or are helping them with homework.  (Not that I know anything about this.  Taylor.  And Ashtyn.)  Wouldn't it be awesome if I was pre-downswing in my ability to bounce back after a long night?  What if the skin under my eyes magically sprang back within an hour or so of awakening?

3.  How come my body just keeps sending those eggs along, like I'm still young enough to keep popping the babies out?  First of all, the difference in my age between our first and our last baby was only 6 years, and I SURE felt a difference in those pregnancies.  What if I got pregnant now?  Ack!  That would be AWFUL.  I'm pretty sure pregnancy would kill me, and if it didn't, chasing toddlers would; we won't even think about what having teens would do to me in my 60's.  But if my body were just now STARTING to age, there would at least be some justice in those monthly visits from Auntie Flo.  (Dear Body, I'm SO done with this!)

It's not fair.  I'm just sayin'.


The Vuki Family said...

TMI. I liked the steps 1 and 2. 3? Why on earth did you have to tell us about that? Just sayin

Jodi Orgill Brown said...

Love your insights and fun attitude. :) Haha, so true.

Amy said...

here here! I have friends who still have young children - but because of their "advanced maternal age" they are high risk pregnancies. These people are 36 years old. That is NOT THAT OLD!!!