Friday, March 9, 2012

My Sweetheart Comes Home Today

Spencer has told me that I would be a better widow than he would be.  I tell him that if he's widowed he should re-marry quickly:  not because he needs someone to take care of him, but because he has such a tremendous capacity to love. 

My honey has been in Missouri for work this week.  I have missed him.  I especially miss him at night, when I'm out of things to keep me busy.  There are many things that keep me busy; and let's be honest:  I could curl up for HOURS with a book and consider myself busy. 

But when the night comes, and it is time to call it day, I miss Spencer so badly I ache.  I want to tell him every detail about my day, and I want to listen to the calm sound of his voice as he tells me about his.  I can't get to sleep without him there, so I end up staying up late enough that my eyes feel like SAND so that when I actually do curl up (on my side of the bed) I will be too tired to think.

He was booked on a flight home today, but the flight was overbooked and he did not have a guaranteed seat.  I was holding my breath to see if he would make it home today.

And he is!  He got a seat, and he is in the air as we speak, headed back to me.  Hooray!