Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Seriously Hate 1:00 Church

I think church should always ALWAYS be at 9:00 a.m.  Seriously.  It's enough to make me want to move.  Three different houses so I can follow the church schedule.  I'm sorry, Bishop, I can no longer serve as the best, most amazing Primary teacher you've ever had, even though I adore these perfectly beautiful children, because I won't be in your ward next year.

When our children were little I contended (and I still believe it for young children) that 11:00 was the WORST time for Church.  It's too late for breakfast.  It's too early for lunch.  It cuts right into nap time.  All around, it's a losing proposition.  I always feel sorry for the  nursery leaders when we have 11:00 church.  If I were the nursery leader we'd have PBJs every week.  It is lunchtime, after all.

Now our kids think 11:00 church is best, because they can sleep in.

But we have 1:00 church.  We sleep in.  We eat.  We look at email and Pinterest.  We watch "Music and the Spoken Word."  Then BAM!  Suddenly it's noon!  We haven't even showered yet!  Where oh where did the morning go? There hasn't been enough time!  We're going to be late!

And I don't wanna!  I like being in my jammies.  I like sitting on my bed and not doing anything.  No homework.  No housework.  OK, sometimes laundry.  But whatever it is (or isn't), I do NOT want to be interrupted by church.  Stupid dress!  Stupid makeup!  Stupid heels!  Stupid boring meeting.

Oh, wait.  Because it's rarely a boring meeting.  It's always beautiful and wonderful and reassuring.  And best of all, I go hang out with the children, and I end up so happy my cheeks hurt by the end!

But I still like it better when it starts at 9:00.