Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Had a Complete Meltdown

Monday was maybe the most frustrating day I've ever had at work.  And that, my friends, is saying something.  I came home, threw my stuff on the bed and exclaimed, "I have just got to get out of there!"  Then I ranted some more and had myself a little pity party, in which Ashtyn was an active participant and during which Spencer nodded his agreement all the while.  :)

The next day--still frustrated, but calmed by a listening ear, a good night's rest, and a run--I spoke with a co-worker about some thoughts I'd had.

Yesterday I vowed to be kind, hold my tongue, and make it a better day.

Today that same co-worker came to me with some ideas of her own.  Ideas all designed to help me.  Another co-worker stopped by to see me, which was a wonderful treat.

Tomorrow is the end of the week.  I am glad.

I'm not glad I left my phone at work, though.  How am I going to get through my run without tunes?  *sigh* My first-world problems....