Friday, April 12, 2013

Just Add It To the List of Dumb Things I've Done

I left my cell phone at work last night.  I knew that it would be dead by the time I got back in the morning, so I immediately put the charger into my purse.

Landon wanted to drive today, so he brought me to work.  Since I knew that meant that I would need to take the train home, I packed light to come to work.  Lunch. Shoes and socks so I could walk home from the Trax station.

I packed too light.  I forgot my purse. 
No work badge.  Security let me in and told me to come back later and get a temporary badge.  That's a pain, so I'm stuck on my floor till I am out of here for the day.
No work badge, no train ticket.  No way home.

No money or credit card. No way to buy a train ticket.

No phone charger.  No phone.  No way to contact Ashtyn to look for a ride home.

Poor "Information Please" Spencer.  His wife has no brain.