Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Tissues Just Keep Flyin'

Last week I got a head cold.  Head colds leave me doing two things.  First, they make me wonder how one little head can produce so much mucus ("mucus" is a gross-sounding word, but "snot" is even grosser).  Second, they make me very thankful for the times when I can breathe.

I kept the Kleenex company in business last week.  I went through two full boxes at work, one from the kitchen, one in our bathroom, one in my car.

Sunday night that cold moved down into my chest.  I am not coughing continually--thank goodness--but when the cough comes it is deep and ugly-sounding and it rattles and burns my chest.  I can feel the pressure in my sinuses still, too.

I'm seriously thankful for non-continual coughs, a good night's rest, tissues, hand sanitizer, facial moisturizers, soap and water, and a body that heals.