Friday, April 19, 2013

It Melts My Mother-Heart

Our Sassy goes to bed very early because she has to get up very early and because she risks illness if she doesn't get enough sleep.  She hasn't felt good for the past couple of days, so I fully expected her to be in her bed by the time I got home from work last night.

She was lying down when I first got home.  Landon had his cousins in his bedroom.  I fixed myself a sandwich for dinner and took it into our bedroom so I could get started on my (substantial and formidable) homework assignment.  I kept our door open because I wanted to be available for Landon.

Before long, I heard Ashtyn up and in Landon's room with the others.  It got VERY quiet after a short time, and I realized they were all gone.  After about 45 minutes, there came trooping in a large parade of kids ages 11 to 18, one of them hauling in a new fish tank, others carrying various bags.  They then spent the next two hours setting up a new tank in Landon's room.  The only thing they ever said to me all night was, "Do you care if we give the smaller tank to the Fishes?"

Spencer got home and asked where Landon had gotten the money to do this, and he said, "I didn't do it.  Ashtyn came in and said, 'Do you care if we re-decorate?'  So she bought all of this.  I didn't even ask her, Dad!"  She walked in and said, "This was my idea, Dad."

I got lots of homework done.  Our kids and the Fish kids played together all night.  And I spent time thanking heaven for wonderful children who are friends and who love and sacrifice for one another.

I put away my homework when my eyes were crossing.  That's when Ash asked if I could put her hair in braids for the night.  She went to bed at 10:30 (VERY late for her).