Friday, December 19, 2008


I work with a sweet man who I consider a friend. His mother passed away last week, and I attended the funeral. Mike was the last speaker, and he spoke truth and taught doctrine. At the end of this talk and a tribute to his mom he said, "Maybe the biggest compliment I could make to my mom is that I married a woman just like her."

If you haven't met Mike and Babe Smedley, you are missing a treat and a blessing. Babe is a rough-cut, good, spunky lady. Mike told me yesterday that Babe had said, "How can you say that I'm like your mom? I don't cook. I don't craft. I'm not like her." He replied, "Babe, you're like my mom in all the important ways--you're tough, you're devoted, you're confident." Then he looked at me and said, "All the same 'Aundrea' things."

(Have I mentioned that I love my job?)