Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Driver's License Announcement!

Our daughter, Briana, finally got her driver's license yesterday. No one is more thrilled that I am!

To be completely honest, we have been allowing her to drive for some time. This has not been without anxiety, let me tell you. But it has been something of a necessary evil for our family. She's driven herself to work and to and from school (Taylor and Ashtyn to seminary, too). We haven't let her drive other places unless we are in the car--she has had her learner's permit.

The hold-up has been her mean parents. Yup, the same mean parents who have let her drive illegally. It makes no sense, really. Create requirements for your children to get their driver's license, then allow them to drive anyway? Stupid, when you think about it that way.

The requirements for a driver's license at our house--the house with the really mean parents (who are mean because they love their children and believe it is their job to teach them):

1. B average grades.

2. YW medallion or Eagle Scout award

Meeting either of these requirements allows a learner's permit, but the license itself requires both. Bri got her medallion last year, so she's had her permit. Taylor has his permit, too. He met the grade requirement, but not the Eagle. Yet. He is short an Eagle project. Still. I could go on and on about that, but I will currently choose to let it go...

Suffice it to say that Briana's dad and mom are super happy and excited to finally have a legal, of-age, licensed driver in the house.

Now, about the insurance...


Amy said...

Yay! That is fantastic news. :) Congrats to Bri!

Jessica and Tim said...

That's awesome. I'm scared for that day. I think it's harder for the parents than the kids. Congrats to the new "adult with so much freedom"!