Monday, February 16, 2009

They grew so fast!

This weekend we (Spencer and I) hosted a Valentine's Day date night at our home. It was really simple. We fixed a caramel fondue and invited nearly everyone we knew in the Salt Lake Valley to come with their hubby/wife for a fun evening. "A fun time was had by all," Bryan. :)

I don't particularly like to entertain. I love having people over, but you just have to be "at home," because I'm not much for serving everyone. I'm kinda like a buffet-style hostess. It's really all about lowering the stress level, really. Can't you just come over and have fun?

However, one of the great things about entertaining is that it gives me a mighty excuse to put everyone to work to clean the house. I just have to tell you how great our family is! They were given plenty of warning, which could be deadly because they have time to think about it, pout, find excuses, etc. But they spent several hours just cleaning, and they all got along and did the work cheerfully. I love it!

Spencer and I started talking about how great it is to have older children. I need to say that our children are really great people. We feel so blessed because we not only get to be their parents, but we get to associate with them. We've enjoyed the heck out of them since they were born, but nothing has been more fun than having older children. Landon is 12, so in a year, all of our children will be teenagers.

Don't get me wrong. They are not perfect. There are still times when I want to change my name to something other than "Mom" and run away. But, honestly, they are just wonderful! We just could not be more blessed.

So how is it that they went from being so little to being so big?! (We enjoyed them then, too!) (BTW, this was taken in Cancun in 2001.)

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