Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm becoming a blog-a-holic AND I found a TV show that I really like

Second post in one day. That's all I'm going to say about that...

OK, I am completely behind the times. So behind, in fact, that you will think I'm a total square and a loser and find yourself saying, "That is SO last year (or last decade, maybe)!" I should explain by saying that I never watch TV. No, really. I never do. Ever.

But our kids were watching American Idol, and I walked in. This was Episode One of Season Eight, and I sat there like a complete idiot, cringing over some of the HORRIBLE singing, and finding myself awed by the talent of others. I'm hooked.

I know. Season EIGHT. I've listened to the kids talk about it, my co-workers talk about it, my neighbors talk about it, my sister talk about it, the radio and TV personalities talk about it...The list is endless, but until now it the list has NEVER included me. Ever. Really. I'm not exaggerating.

So, there you have it. I'm an Idol fan. I like Cara, Randy, Paula, and yes, even Simon. I really do. I like the drama (most of it). I like the music. I like Ryan.

I don't like the woman who screamed and giggled forever, though. Don't vote for her.


The Vuki Family said...

Hooray for you sister! Congratulations! Welcome to the main event....American Idol here she comes.Love you!

Amy said...

:) I hate that girl. Hate her. I wont lie, I watch it sometimes, and have for 8 years. Not addicted, but if we're home, and it's on, I'll watch. And I'll enjoy. But that girl may do me in. I HATE her. If she lasts one more week, I may boycott just to prove my point.