Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things that have made me laugh over the past few days...

Tay and Bri were talking about their great SBOs at school. Taylor said, "I think I'm going to run for SBO my senior year." Briana laughed and gave some examples of how many people love him. He nodded and said, "When I'm a senior, I'm going to be Ferris Bueller."

Ashtyn and I went to see "New in Town." You'll laugh.

Landon was having a telephone conversation with our young men's president about "serving" (passing) the sacrament (tomorrow is his first time). He asked, "What about when they line up after they serve? Do they line up tallest to shortest or something? (pause) Oh, so the ugliest one has to stand in the back?"

Ashtyn spent over an hour curling Briana's hair for tonight's Sweethearts Dance at the school. Briana pinned it all up.

Taylor paced a hole in the floor for forty-five minutes, waiting for his date to pick him up. (A little nervous?)

My mom saw Amy's post before I did!

Our checking account (I laugh to keep from crying).

Bella chasing a tennis ball. She'd make a great goalie!

I found the camera 3 hours AFTER Bri and Tay left for the dance.

I'd love to tell you more, but I'm too tired to think. And THAT is no laughing matter!


Amy said...

And now this is on my list of things that made me laugh today!

Can't wait to hear about Tay and Bri's dance! Hope they had fun!