Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I love technology, but not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. (If you can name that movie, you can join our family's Pathetic Club.)

Anyway, I am a complete electronic communication junkie. I have Facebook; this wonderful blog; and especially my friend, Mr. Email. Unlike some of you, I have two email addresses--not 4 or 5. Two is enough. Usually.

But you've never seen someone get so happy as when there is a message from someone I love in my email. In fact, the computer has taken the mailbox's place as a fun place to visit daily. And the computer didn't take President's Day or Sunday off!

My dad is also a computer junkie. He sends most of his communications to my work email. So if I have an especially busy weekend and don't look at my work email for two days, it's stuffed full on Monday morning. I like to spread it out throughout the day. I do something on my task list, then read a journal entry. Then another task, and then a Fishin' Hole. You get the idea. Mondays are fun.

This morning I've been exchanging email with my dad. In a way it's almost like IMing because we live in such a fast world with faster internet connections. Imagine! I can have a conversation with my dad, who is 600 miles away, in just moments. IMing is fun (I've done some of that in the past week). But one fun thing about email is that the other person understands if you don't answer right away. If I go to a meeting, I can still respond to my dad later, just as if our conversation never ended.

Email has made it a smaller world, and I love it!