Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Laughing through life and task lists

When we had small children I did not laugh enough. I was so worried about teaching them how to be good people, responsible, respectful, etc. that I just didn't laugh. I was also afraid they wouldn't take me seriously if I laughed too much. Thankfully Spencer has always made me laugh. And I don't think I was grumpy, because I was genuinely happy. But I should have laughed more.

Last night at 10:00 p.m. I was still trying to get through my task list when our four children (all four of them!) came home from the Draper Temple Open House, where they'd gone with the ward youth. They were all full of stories of the temple, people they'd seen, things that had happened, etc. (Did you know, for example, that it's possible for two Mormon boys to give their phone numbers to the same--unknown--Mormon girl, and have her accept them? Apparently the temple is a great pickup spot.)

Taylor said, "Mom, you would have cried tonight." I asked why and he said, "The second we walked into the building my heart started going Nnce, Nnce, Nnce." You'd have to hear Tay doing this--it's sort of a beatbox sound.

I had to grin, because it was just so cute. I also wanted to weep in gratitude that our son felt the spirit at the temple. I'm hoping this means that I did an OK job with them when they were little, after all.

Just before he went to bed, Tay told me that when he talks to me his heart goes Nnce, Nnce, Nnce. Everyone should have a good laugh--child induced--before they cross the last item off their task list and go to bed.


Amy said...

I love Tay. I've never met him, but I love him.