Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7th Grade Should Be Outlawed

Landon called me after school today looking for Briana's cell phone number. It turns out that he was looking for a ride home. He'd "had a bad day." When I pushed him on what that meant, it turned out that he is being bullied at school. Not only do people punch him in the halls (for no apparent reason other than that he is small), but today an 8th grader in his P.E. class gave him a "titty twister" that put him in tears.

I couldn't get hold of Bri, but I did get Taylor and sent him to pick up Landon, who was afraid to walk home from school. *sigh*

Outcomes so far:

Landon has a large bruise on his chest.

I have called in late for work tomorrow. We'll be headed to the principal's office first thing in the morning.

I'm ready to sic Joe Speredon on the entire population of Joel P. Jensen Middle School.

Landon has been informed that if ANYONE lays a hand on him, he is to punch. HARD. (And I'm a pacifist!) And his dad and I will back him up.

Junior high bites. Seventh grade sucks.


Jessica said...

Oh no! That frustrates me to no end! Lando is such a great cousin. Those other kids need to grow up! I hope things stop after tomorrow! Tell him I've got his back 100 percent!! I know judo! ... Ish.

Jacqueline said...

Oooh kids are mean! That makes me mad and sad. :( Give him a hug from me.