Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy, Busy Saturday

Landon had his first lacrosse game of the fall season today. He's playing in the Junior League now (7th and 8th graders). He's so little, especially compared to the long, lanky 8th graders. Here's Landon on the faceoff (black jersey). Landon will get in and mix it up. But on his very first play of the day, he got hit hard. That made him pretty hesitant for the rest of the day. (But he's cute!)My parents have been in town this week, helping my grandma, who had hip replacement surgery. They left Orem Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day with us and Derek and his family--what a treat! We all met at McDonald's for lunch. Then everyone came to Lando's game, which really meant a lot to him.

Spencer and I went to TJ Maxx and found me a running skirt. You may or may not get a picture of it sometime in the future. :) I ran 5 miles in the morning--go, me! I also bought a cute pink running shirt, which I'm anxious to try out, just because I'm gonna look so cute! (heehee)

Friday and Saturday nights were the Sterling Singers' patriotic concerts at the Granite Tabernacle in Sugarhouse. We sang to a full house each night, and it was very well received. Briana and Ashtyn came on Friday night. Spencer and Mom and Dad came on Saturday. Spencer's mom brought a friend and came on Friday night, too. Thanks to everyone for your support. Everyone said it was lovely. Spencer said Daddy cried throughout, so it must have been OK. Mostly it was a LOT of fun. I got to meet and get to know a couple of new choir friends, too--how much better does it get?

AND I made it through "In Remembrance" WITHOUT crying. Incredible! (I love that song!)
(I'm in the lower left corner area.)


Amy said...

What a great day! 5 miles? Remember when you thought you weren't a runner? Just sayin'. :) You are inspiring.