Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On The Other Hand...

...I got up and used Briana's new flat iron on my hair, and it looks pretty cute today.

...I jogged 4 miles on Saturday. Without stopping.

...I made dinner, picked up Landon and Raymond from lacrosse, did nearly half of my manuscript, called all the neighbors about Friends of Scouting, picked up toner for the printer, and read two chapters of my book last night.

Okay, the list is short, but at least there is a list. :)


Amy said...

If you gave each of the things on the last line their own line (which you really should have) it would be a much longer (in terms of taking up screen space) list. I say feel accomplished!

*and your hair is DANG cute today. I love it.

Ann said...

"Book slut" is my favorite new phrase. I'm just saying.