Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful, Happy Fall!

Briana got a hairCUT! Isn't it adorable? She loves it, too. AND she won't have to pull her hair up to give massages.
Spencer and Briana finished their first quarter of school with flying colors! We are thrilled with how smart Briana is. And finding her niche is a huge, wonderful thing.
Jenny and Heather came over for massages this week. Jenny pronounced Bri's massage as the best she's ever had. Woot!
This is National Novel Month (or something like that). Tay's only assignment for the month of November in his creative writing class is to write a 50,000 novel. Don't do that math--it's 100 pages. He's busy. He's also a very good writer, so I'm anxious to read the finished product.
West Jordan High School's production of "Aida" is in two weeks. Ashtyn is busy.
As a family, we spent two hours doing yard work yesterday. We mowed the back lawn; poop-scooped; put away the trampoline; cut back the irises, mum, and climatis; blew all the leaves out of the gutters and planters; raked and bagged the leaves; weeded out some areas; and washed three of the four cars (Bri did hers earlier this week). Spence and the kids took Bella across the street to play with the wolves (she was worn out the rest of the day). Then gave shaved her and gave her a bath. I got groceries at Macey's and "stuff" at Walmart (including some items to work on Christmas gifts). We did lots and lots of laundry. Since winter is scheduled to come on Thursday, it felt really good to get all of this done. However, more than half the leaves are still on the Hauptfleisch's oak tree, so we'll be doing more...
I have had one doozy of a cold. I feel OK, but my nose is running like crazy and I have a terrible, terrible cough. I opted to stay home from church again today (2 weeks in a row!). Jen called this morning to see if I could sub in the nursery. Bummer!
Briana and I are being sustained as new Relief Society teachers today. We will team teach once a month. Doesn't that sound fun? She is my visiting teaching companion, too--my favorite I've ever had!
It's a beautiful time of year!


Amy said...

Dang! I leave Utah for 3 days and look what I've missed!

Briana's hair is DANG cute (you're so brave Bri - I LOVE IT!)
Yay for 1st quarter over - you can do this 3 more times huh?
Good luck to Tay in his novel - can I read it when it's done?
Your ward is lucky to have you as RS teachers. You'll be fantastic - does it mean you're off the hook for activities? Or is this just one more calling on the list?

Jessica said...

I can't believe Bri chopped off her hair! She is so chic!
That's a big project for Taylor! What's his book about?
Joe and I used to team teach, but not anymore in this new ward. We had fun! I miss it. You're going to be amaaaazing!

Jessica said...

P.s. I love the new background!!!

Coles Fam said...

Holy haircut, Batman!!!! What a change, but it is so cute. If Briana ever needs practice she can come give me a massage. I wouldn't mind.
Taylor seems so talented with writing. I bet he'll do great.
That's a lot of work in the yard. Not my favorite project. Isn't it great to do it together as a family though?