Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Discuss Friday the 13th

Nah, let's not. Let's just say that I was glad for the weekend to begin. Here's our weekend:

This is Taylor with his date, Lindsay Bird, as they are leaving for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Awww...!

Here is Spencer, who used amazing talent, skill, and positive energy to create this pot for one of his teachers.

This is the view out our front door this morning.

This is what I've looked like every Sunday for three weeks (except sometimes without the smile). My cold is better, but Bri had a terrible case of the flu Thursday and Friday. The bishop invited us to keep our family home today and get better. While I'm getting lots of little projects done, it sure doesn't feel like a Sunday. *sigh*

And tomorrow I will head back to work, where I will hope that Monday the 16th is better than Friday the 13th was.


Amy said...

it was really that bad? bad enough that you think monday will be better? ouch.

tayler is handsome!

and you are looking beautiful in your sickened state. feel better soon!

ann cannon said...

Hope you feel better, Friend.

Suzie said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!!! And Taylor really is that old to be dating?!? Wow where does time go!?