Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Matter How Far Away It Is

Amy discussed one of the reasons she loves the internet is that we get to know people who we don't even know.

This morning we learned that last night (or early this morning), there was a HUGE earthquake in Chile. Where Taylor's friend's brother is serving his mission. We are concerned for Elder Crockett. We are also concerned for his parents, brothers, and sisters, who are living in West Jordan, almost as far away from Chile as you can be.

Later this morning we learned that because of this earthquake, there is a tsunami watch in Hawaii, where Jodi's parents live and work. Her dad is the PCC director. I've never met Jodi, but I blog-stalk her, and I love her and her family. My dad knows her dad's brother or something like that.

One of my managers, Leland, is leaving in just a few short weeks to be the facility manager at the PCC. What will a tsunami mean for the PCC? For Brother Orgill? For Leland and Julie?

There are multiple countries under tsunami watch, not just the U.S.'s state of Hawaii (and beautiful Alaska, BTW!). How many families of missionaries do we know? How many children of people living and working in those places do we know?

A terrible earthquake hundreds and hundreds of miles away, and it effects me in myriad ways! We are citizens of the world.

Pray. We all need it.


Jessica and Tim said...

Holy crud I have missed a TON of your life while being wrapped up in my own. Dave is gonna die without you. I hope that you will like the 8th floor though. Is Kathy O still there? Things change so much after being gone and I've only been gone physically for almost 3 years. (Let's be honest, I was totally gone mentally when you first got there!) However, I do have to say that I had a loud snort (yes, snort) when you wrote about someone's bedside manner. In my 6 years of working there, he was the ONLY person who ever made me feel belittled. I was glad to leave him. I'm terribly sorry you "get" to have him back. Hopefully he's changed. Really. I'll pray for that.

Jessica said...

Oh no! Joe served his mission in Chile. What a terrible disaster. We'll have to pray for those people!

wjmom said...

Jessica--No, Kathy is not on 8 any more. I am doing the OA work there with Jesse, who moved there when they changed almost all of the FM assignments a year or so ago. I would not have applied if that situation were different. I'm just that shallow...

AND I might die without Dave, who is like my big brother. He stopped teasing with me when I "left" (although I'm still physically on 2LL most of the time). It's the right thing for him, but it hurts my heart a little bit.

Thank you for having your beautiful babies and allowing me to take your job. I've been soooo, soooo happy!