Tuesday, June 1, 2010

As Ashtyn's World Turns

Friday--the day before a 3-day weekend--Ashtyn learned that one of her teachers was failing her because she hadn't turned in work for the 4 weeks she was on Home & Hospital care. Only he never gave the H&H teacher any work for Ashtyn to do, so our understanding was that all of that work had been waived. She was nearly in tears when she called me. At 3:00 p.m.

Should she spend the entire 3-day, holiday weekend doing homework that we understood she would not have to do? And if she did, would she find out on Tuesday that it was all waived anyway? But what if she didn't do the homework, and she found out on Tuesday that she would have 2 days (before the school year ends) to complete 3 weeks' worth of homework?

I told her we were NOT spending the weekend doing homework that we should not have to do. She sighed, "OK, Mommy."

I called the office at the high school, which was closed. Of course. Out of sheer luck, the vice principal answered his line. I discussed all of this with him. He was very understanding, but he said that he would not be able to get hold of the teachers involved until Tuesday, because they were out of the school faster than the kids on that day. He said, "Is there anything Ashtyn can do--you know, small stuff--that will make it so she passes the class?" I replied, "She doesn't want to just PASS the class. She wants the grade she's earned." He said, "Oh, yeah, I didn't think of that."

My eyes are rolling just thinking about it. Because how can we expect our children to be educated when there's not an adult brain to be found in that school?

OK, I'm being harsh. It's not true that there are no brains there. But lemme tell ya, the teachers might have spring fever worse than the kids do! (P.S. We actually really like WJHS. But WE NEED A LITTLE HELP, PLEASE!)

Anyway, I called the vice principal back this morning, and he told me that the teacher had waived all the work. So all is well.


Jacqueline said...

Good thing it was waived! Gol, what a bunch of crap. Poor Ash. I bet that would be terribly frustrating. And you too. Ugh.

Jessica said...

Sheeps! Ash had a lot on her plate! I'm glad everything was taken care of.