Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top 10 Highlights for a Day

10. Yummy spaghetti for lunch
9. Tonight my friend Stacy is teaching RS meeting. Can't wait!
8. Email from my SIL today, stating that they are looking for work in Utah. Woot! (This is in addition to my sister, who is also on the Utah job hunt.)
7. Dave invited me to ride his bus home. I said, "Right, where would I go? To my in-laws?" He said, "Well, pick your poison, I guess."
6. Devotional with Jesse today.
5. Joe's wife had twin boys yesterday. He sent pix today of Boy A and Boy B. :)
4, 3, 2, and 1. (Yup, it's that good.) Landon sent a text today. It said, "OK not that I'm having no fun here but I want to come home. I miss you guys. I miss yelling at Bri. I miss Ash being nice. I miss Mom and Dad giving of things and Tay his smartness and Bella her dumbness."


Amy said...

OH lando.....poor poor Lando. :) That's sweet.

And if those are Safety-Joe's babies you really ought to share with the class.

And if enough of your family comes here, will your parents follow? Cuz....ya dad could always work at headquarters. (ppsshshhhaaaawwt! *spooky ghost voice* BEEEEWARE the Mo's......)

The Vuki Family said...

Would that be Jenny and Traci? Why is it I'm second best to Jenny! I did come first after all! Can't wait to be out there... a bit nervous though! Love you! See you soon!