Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Cool. A Little.

I ran 4 miles yesterday before I went to work. And I rocked the world! Seriously, I was awesome! My muscles didn't hurt. My breathing was good. My time was under 12-minute miles. I felt so cool.

And then I decided to run 5 miles today. Here is a word we don't use in our house: Suck. But that's what I did. We hadn't even gone a block and my legs were screaming at me. Which made my heart go into overdrive.

But Spencer was running the first half with me, and he kept me going. Mostly. And when we reached 2.5 miles, we were averaging 11:50 minute miles. Which was good for me. But he continued on for another 5 miles (show-off!) while I turned around to finish my 5 total miles. V--E--R--Y slowly. And including many stops.

To look at the happy side, I ran (mostly) 5 miles this morning. Also, Spencer ran the first half with me, which makes it so much easier for me. Let's focus on the happy side, shall we?


Amy said...

Not that I would ever dare tell you that you're wrong or anything, but you are. You're cool. A lot. Just sayin'.

PS I'm glad you got to enjoy this insanely hot weather. *sigh* someone has to, and it figures that it would be you.

The Vuki Family said...


Jessica said...

Our hubbies are always such show offs, aren't they? You are so great!