Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Change in My Running

This morning I didn't begin my run till after 9:30. It's a lot hotter after 9:30 than it is at, say, 5:30. Just sayin'.

So I decided to try jogging with Spencer's water belt. I thought it would make me crazy, but it wasn't bad. It did rub a little on my back, but I was able to adjust the water bottles and do OK. And actually, I only used one water bottle, so I could run with just the two at my hips and be OK, I think.

I also wanted to go a different direction, so I put on Spencer's watch. I ran mainly on 3200 West till the watch beeped two miles, then turned around. That made the majority of the first half of my run uphill, so I had the downhill section on the way home (mostly). That wasn't too bad a run, actually.


I ran four miles in 45:39.

That is an average of 11:24 per mile, in case you care.



The Vuki Family said...

Great job sister! Doesn't it feel good to take care of yourself! I sure am enjoying that! Love you!

Amy said...

Holy smokes! You hauled BUTT up that hill! In the heat! Packing water!

It goes without saying that I'm impressed. But "it goes without saying" is a stupid thing to say, so I'll just say "I'm impressed!"

I can't wait to hear how you feel like super-woman after Ragnar. CAN'T wait.

Suzie said...

THAT'S WAY COOL! That is a great time....i'm so glad you have become so passionate about running. You are a rockstar and I can't wait for Wasatch Back. We are going to have a BLAST!!!