Friday, June 4, 2010

Old Woman

On Monday and Wednesday of next week I'm taking a computer class at LDS Business College. There are two other women from our division who are taking the same class. One is in her 60's and one is 40-ish. We are planning to go to the Triad Center together.

And I'm realizing as we are discussing our plans that I am much more comfortable with these "older" women than when I took a class with the 20-somethings (who I adore). This made me think, "When did I become so old?"

And then I realized that I have always preferred hanging out with the older women.

I've ALWAYS been old. *sigh*


Amy said...

I hope this means I'll grow up to be as cool as you. I like old ladies too. :D

Jessica said...

Woot for classes! You'll do great! :]