Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worries and Heartaches

When you love someone, it opens your heart to the chance of getting hurt. It also opens your heart for a lot of joy, which is why it's all worth it.

But that heartbreak thing!

A friend who holds a sweet place in my heart is getting divorced. There's a lot of garbage that goes along with that (of course!), and I am nowhere near the "epicenter" of the damage that is being done. But my friend and her family are heartbroken and spirit-broken. She told me that she has learned that there is no God. And that hurts my heart. A lot.

Another cherished friend admitted to hitting rock bottom. She has, fortunately, found ways to claw her way out of that hole. I hope that one of the ways she is doing this is by relying on God.

Is it human nature to turn away from God in times of horrible crisis?

Whatever. It hurts my heart.


Kim and Preston said...

That is so sad! I think during hardship and hurt that its easy to blame someone or something. Sadly I feel that alot of people turn away from God blaming Him for their trials when in all actuality He is the only one that stands by us in our trials, you and I know that. I hope for all of those that they find there way back!

Suzi said...

It's sad that people make choices and they blame God for the consequences. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to find the way out. I have quite a few friends that have made choices I don't agree with, but I am still their friend.