Saturday, July 24, 2010

You'll Laugh. You'll Cry.

Since my dad uses my stuff on his e-column, I thought I would steal this sweet little tidbit to share on my blog. This is about my sister's children, whose parents recently separated. I'm sorry Beatty doesn't wanna grow up to be his daddy. But being like my daddy is aiming high, and he's right on the money!

I’ve had the kids running in the sprinklers, riding their bikes and scooters (we raised seats and pumped up tires) and the ice cream man came by. But he was gone down one side before we could flag him to stop. So I said to them, “Let’s sit here and be patient. He’ll come back. But sometimes you have to wait for good things.” In about ten minutes here he came and they ran to the curb flagging down the ice cream man who turned out to be very clean cut and handsome, but about four bricks shy of a load. He gave us back more change that we deserved and had a hard time counting -- and when we returned some of the change he said, “Sometimes my math isn’t so good.” He waved at the kids as he drove off. We’ll watch for him again.

Bitsy Boulder Boy scarfed his Spider Man down and then wanted to eat everyone else’s. When I wouldn’t let him he sprinted for his fuv-o and kafu screaming obscenities in tongues -- and he’s now sound asleep.

As I sat with the three older ones Beatty leaned back on my chest and said, “Grandpa, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Beatty Boy,” I replied.

“When I get big, Grandpa, I want to be just like you,” he continued.

And my chin quivered and my eyes watered and I just held him a little tighter.


Amy said...

Where is your dad's e-column and how come I don't stalk him?

I forgot (about 3 times) that I was reading his work and not yours. Because you sound exactly like him. And he's beautiful.

Bow Baby said...

I love grandpa too! He is the best grandpa in the world!

Noelle said...

Yep...I laughed. I cried.