Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Way Things Are

Nobody uses in-boxes any more. The only guarantee that the recipient will see what you're leaving is if you put it on his chair.

If you ask to borrow a friend's video she will tell you that it's a DVD.

Sometimes running involves taking a fall.

Even if the house you grew up in is 600 miles away, you can still go home if everyone in your family is laughing in your living room.

Home is even better with children, nieces, and nephews.

It is possible to be very cold on the 4th of July in Salt Lake City.


Amy said...

You gotta love a free trip home! :D

Was it cold here too? I love cold July days. 64 in the canyon. Lovely. Just lovely.

Noelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And for coming out of the lurking world! And for your kind words!!! I loved your thought about going home...it was perfect!