Friday, July 9, 2010

My Body Didn't Like It

Here are the 5 body safety rules that I taught in Good Touch/Bad Touch. They are good rules for everyone to know in order to keep their bodies safe:

1. It's MY body!
2. The Uh-Oh Feeling: If I think something is wrong, I'm probably right. I have the right to trust my feelings.
3. Say NO! and get away.
4. Tell a grown-up.
5. It's NEVER my fault!

Yesterday I had a mammogram. It was not fun. I have treated bread dough more kindly and gently than the technician treated me.

I skipped Rule 3. *sigh*


Ann said...

Mammograms = SO NOT FUN! (But I'm glad you went.)

Funny post.

Amy said...

Yes...but you caught step 4.... (I'm a grownup right?) :D