Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Day Started Out With This

Amy and I ran a 5K for Zion's Children of Haiti. It was quite a small event, but it was fairly well-organized. It was held at Sugar House Park, which is a lovely venue (except for the nasty bathrooms!). We had to do 2 laps around the park. That was hard. But Amy got me through it, and I helped her, too. We're a pretty good team.
We stayed for the raffle, and we didn't win anything. But that's OK because we were having fun together.
Biggest part of this portion of the day: We are going to try to do a sprint triathlon together (hopefully with Ashtyn and Breezy, too)!
P.S. Do I love running? No, I do not. But it is fun to do something active with other people like Amy and Spencer and Bob and Stacy and Dan and MaryKay and Suzie and Phil and Kayla and others. Running hurts my muscles and it makes my heart beat fast and sometimes I get sunburned. But when it's done it makes me feel really cool and capable and generally awesome.
P.P.S. Anybody wanna join us for a sprint tri?


Amy said...

Go us! It really was a pleasure.