Saturday, July 10, 2010

Next Was This

Me and my two brothers, Derek and Brant. With a few years of exceptions during adolescence, we've been friends our entire lives. They are good men, and I am proud to call them my brothers.

This is Brant and me right next to the springs. It's a beautiful place, and our pretty faces only add to the scenery.

Here are Derek and Becky with three of their children. They are always such fun to be around. Danny, Brady, and Laurel are talented, happy, great young people, and they are blessed with fantastic parents!

Danny and Brady at the entrance to the park

Driving up Parley's Canyon, one could see that westbound I-80 was a parking lot for many miles, due to construction. We talked about going down via Provo Canyon but remembered they had construction going there, too. So we decided to go to Cascade Springs and down the Alpine Loop on the way home (thanks for the suggestion, Becky!). We convoyed up and had a fun little hike and lots of visiting. There's still lots of water coming from the ground!
(I love Utah. It's a truly lovely place. You should come visit our great state!)


Amy said...

It is a lovely place. You're right about that. I'm glad you got to enjoy it!