Saturday, July 10, 2010

And Then I Did This

When my mom and her cousins were children, one year they went to their grandparents' home for Grandma A's birthday. It became a yearly tradition to get together to sleep out, and The Sleepout was born. It has been going strongly ever since. Except for when we lived out of state, we never missed a Sleepout, and sometimes we made a trip to Utah just for the Sleepout. Each family (my grandpa and his siblings) have a color assigned to them--our family color is green.
The orange family (Jack and Jannie's clan) were in charge this year, and they had lots of fun, fun games. Actually, most of the orange clan is NUTS, which makes them all kinds of fun (though very competitive). I got there late and not in green and stinky, but I got there. The numbers are dwindling as each family now has their own get-togethers.
Somehow it's natural that I am 40-something (and sometimes it's not), but it's always weird to see people who were little children "just yesterday" who now have big kids of their own! My mom's cousin, who is my age, is a grandmother!


Amy said...

I'm so sorry I made you late for this. But it looks like a blast! So...who's pink?