Monday, October 11, 2010

Bless You

Shortly after I started working for the Church, one of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles passed away.  His funeral was on a weekend.  While there were many of our "crew" on the Temple Square campus working the funeral "event," the building was empty and quiet.  I volunteered to be on campus working the telephones and radios during the funeral.

Just before the funeral was to begin, we received a telephone call from the secretary to the First Presidency.  His first words, after introducing himself, were, "Bless you for taking care of us."

My boss daily uses the words "Bless you" as a phrase of thanks.  It would not be meaningful, I am sure, if he seemed insincere or if the words became trite.  But every time he tells me "Bless you," I am grateful, for I believe that somehow God will bless me, just because Dean said so.

And perhaps the greatest blessing is the opportunity to work with good, sincere, imperfect people.


The Vuki Family said...

Thank you!
Sounds like something Daddy would say.

Jodi Orgill Brown said...

Beautifully said! Bless you, for all you do to lift others! :)