Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Those Funny Word Verifications

You know how when you comment on some peoples' blogs you have to do a "word" verification?  The computer spits out some random image that includes letters and sometimes numbers, and you have to type them in a response screen.  I've never really understood what this does, but whatever.

Today I had one that spelled a word:  "PARCHES."  Do you know the meaning of that word?

1.  (n.)  Southern Utahn for "porch." (pl.--PARCHES)  All the neighbors were  sweeping their parches in their gargeous arange farmals.
2.  (v.)  Southern Utahn for making one thirsty.  Hiking always parches me.

This makes me think of my grandma, who was Southern Utahn.  Thinking of my grandma makes me smile.


Amy said...

My mom is from NORTHERN Utah, where they "set on their parch to warsh the carn on Sun-dee marnin'" Because what if they couldn't eat their fresh homemade corn for Sundee Supper?

Noelle said...

LOL!!! This cracks me up!

Ann said...

Yeah. This made me laugh!