Monday, October 4, 2010

On Sharing A Bed

(With thanks to Noelle for the inspiration...)

When Spencer snores, it means he's really tired.  When I snore, it means I'm asleep.  But sometimes it also means that I'm really tired.

Spencer ALWAYS falls asleep before I do.  He has this knack for being out before I can count to 10.  (Really.  I've tried it.)  And when he's super tired, he's snoring before I can count to 15.

Those are the nights when I sleep on the sofa.  I'm not being a brat.  It's just that I know how tired he is.  So rather than try to figure out how to get him to stop snoring, I just leave the room and let him get some well-deserved sleep.

Several years ago, I was exhausted.  Seriously, seriously tired.  And for nights and nights in a row, Spencer kept touching me to make me roll over and stop snoring.  Only it didn't work, because I was TOO TIRED AND THAT'S WHY I SNORED!  On about the 50th day of not sleeping (I NEVER exaggerate!), I finally said to him (rather irritably, I'm sorry to report), "Honey, I'm tired.  If you are the one having trouble sleeping, then do what I do--go sleep on the couch!"

The next morning I found him on the couch.  I had slept the entire night through.

But guess what?  I felt bad that he was on the couch!

Ya just can't win in situations like these...